Backlit Prints: The Benefits of Illuminated Advertising

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 09/07/2021

Backlit Prints: The Benefits of Illuminated Advertising

A backlit poster is an appealing option for advertising. Backlit posters are typically placed in a lightbox illuminated with LED lighting. They look great the day or night because the translucent material of backlit film printing “pops,” bringing out the images and colors with sharper, more attention-grabbing qualities. Backlit posters are sometimes referred to as “city light posters” because they are often used in subway stations and bus stop advertisements.

Backlit movie posters are probably the most well-known use of backlit film printing. A process and particular techniques are used to get the desired effect of any backlit poster. A standard poster placed in a lightbox will not have the necessary translucence to allow the light and colors to interact in the same way. The Poster Print Shop specializes in backlit film printing to make your advertisement have a good look and feel needed to garner attention. There are many benefits to choosing us for your backlit posters, which you will discover in this article.

When To Use Backlit Film Printing For Advertising

Backlit Film is the most commonly used medium inside of light or any application you’d like to light from behind. Essentially, the backlit film allows graphics and texts to light up when illuminated from behind. 

With a lightbox and a backlit poster, your advertisement is more suitable to alternatives many conditions, including:

  • Locations where it is essential not to compromise existing visibility – storefront windows are valuable for lighting and security. You may not want to place opaque posters and banners over them. Advertisements and unclear signage cannot be seen, diminishing the natural light. Restaurants primarily rely on natural lighting to heighten the establishment’s atmosphere. There are also security risks when using opaque posters. You limit your visibility inside and outside, making it easier for criminals to target your business and customers. A backlit poster looks much better than opaque ones as the indoor lighting illuminates them. They also allow more visibility inside and outside.
  • In low-light environments – backlit movie posters are a great example of why this form of advertising is best suited for low-light environments. The saturated colors that backlit posters produce instill an impression in your audience. They also enhance the atmosphere of dark areas. 
  • Promotional messaging – with a sea of images and text-based advertisements in any public space, backlit posters allow yours to stand out. You can use this form of advertising to invite people into a location or tell them about deals and sales. 

Better Than Duratrans

Backlit film is another name for “duratrans.” The Eastman Kodak company invented Duratrans in the 1970s. The method spawned many alternatives through similar processes used by other companies producing backlit posters. Today, several different backlit graphic substrates are used to create images. Various phytochemicals and inkjets are employed, but most of them have an inferior quality to what we use at the Poster Print Shop.

Our eight mil polyester white backlit film has a matte finish that produces high-quality images. The translucent qualities of the film make it great for back lit and unlit applications. The film is of the highest quality in the industry. We print in higher resolutions than most other print shops using 12-color Vivera pigment-based inks that give your incredible print vibrancy and turn your photos into gallery-quality art.  Vibrant eco-solvent inks are used to create durable scratch and water-resistant prints that last longer, even in direct sunlight.

Other Benefits Of Choosing The Poster Print Shop For Your Backlit Film Printing Needs

You will instantly see a difference in our backlit posters compared to cheaper alternatives. Duratrans and other methods employed by competitors do not have the same quality in either the film printed on or the glow of images and texts. And yet we are still affordable. We print on only the best quality film for anything you’d like to illuminate in the highest possible resolution. 

  • We print on backlit film in 8-color eco-solvent inks that produce stunningly vibrant prints that retain their visual qualities 20 times longer. They are scratch and water-resistant and can withstand direct UV sunlight for years to remain bright and vivid.
  • Backlit prints from the Poster Print Shop are perfect for a wide range of environments. Use them for airport signs, movie theater boxes, menu displays, bus stops, backlit graphics, exhibits, posters, photos, and window presentations. 
  • Our backlit film is also viewable during the day as a vibrant reflective print (when backlit illumination is off) – making our film perfect for day and night, lit and unlit applications. You are not limited to low-light conditions when displaying our backlit posters. 
  • We also print on window cling and adhesive films for signs you’d like to ‘stick’ in a window, door, or lightbox – easily removable and attention-grabbing.

Fast Production Time And Delivery

We do overnight printing at the Poster Print Shop! This allows fast production times. We also have several shipping options available, including the ability to have your backlit prints as soon as the next day. Navigate to our quick ordering page and choose how soon you want them to arrive. We understand that businesses need prompt service, and we provide it.

It’s easy to upload your file or photo and have custom backlit film printing delivered to your door. Simply upload your files or photos at the Poster Print Shop. You can utilize our FAQ for help doing so. You’ll find representatives available to help you at every step. The Poster Print Shop and our backlit film printing are the best places for businesses to get their backlit posters. Speed, accuracy, and affordability are our top priorities.

The Poster Print Shop

There are several poster printing methods available from Posterprintshop. Choose backlit film printing for backlit movie posters and any other form of advertising that you want to be illuminated in vibrant detail. Our services are fast, efficient, affordable, and highest quality. Start your order at

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