Digital Poster Printing Made Easy

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 03/03/2020

Digital poster printing is an inexpensive and efficient way to get digital poster prints made.

If you haven’t heard, digital poster printing is a great option when it comes to making and printing signs and posters to promote businesses or events. Need more persuasion? Just read below.

Inexpensive, but not cheap quality: Choose what type of paper or medium you’d like for your digital poster printing, and you’ll get a starting price. Photo economy starts at $4 per square foot, photo gloss and photo satin start at $5 per square foot, and backlit film starts at $8 per square foot, to name a few mediums and prices. has the lowest prices in the industry, but their digital poster printing definitely does not look cheap. e use 8 color Vivera pigment ink that resists fading. It also uses the newest photo technology so all digitally printed pictures are of the highest quality – no pixilation or blurriness, guaranteed.

Fast turnaround: can get you digital poster prints the same day if all orders are received by noon Pacific time. If you have a digital poster printing order to us by noon, you can have it the very next day. Orders received after noon will be shipped the following day.

The fastest way to get what you want printed is to email the files you want printed, or upload them directly onto their site as you fill out your order. They’ll get what you want printed fast, and they’ll get your digital poster prints to you fast, as well.

If you need to customize your banners, metal grommets can be inserted into the borders of vinyl and cloth posters. All digital posters have fade-resistant ink and are water-resistant, so the finished product has everything included.


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Experienced customers that don’t need to edit or preview their files can submit orders quickly with this method.

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  • Add text and clip art.
  • Use when you don’t have a design ready to upload.

Advanced order

  • Upload files without a wizard or quality check to enter an order quickly. Best for experienced customers and designers only.

How do I create an account?

You create an account when you place your first order. During the first step of the checkout page, you’ll see an option to “save your order” and create an account with a password. This will create your account for future use and save your new order to the account.

You're not able to create an account before placing your first order, as an account is not needed until there is an order to go with it.

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