Matte Canvas Prints for Art Lovers

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 01/31/2024


Quick Glance at Matte Canvas Prints:

  • What is it? A large piece of fabric with a dull finish utilized as a base for printing artworks or images.
  • Why choose it? Ideal for color contrast, preserving darker hues, and minimizing light reflection.
  • Where to find? At Posterprintshop, we offer high-quality and affordable matte canvas prints, perfect for art enthusiasts on a budget.

Ever wondered how to magnify the aesthetics of your artwork without burning a hole in your pocket? If the answer is yes, then stepping into Matte Canvas Prints could be your ultimate solution. Not only do such prints give your artwork a professional and natural look, but they are also budget-friendly, hitting the sweet spot of art enthusiasts!

At Posterprintshop, we guide every art lover through the journey of choosing the best matte canvas prints, allowing your passion to take a physical and stunning form.

Infographic of Matte Canvas Prints - matte canvas prints infographic comparison-2-items-formal

In simple terms, a matte canvas print is a large piece of fabric with a dull finish used as a base for printing images. Unlike their glossy counterparts, matte canvases lack a shiny layer of coating, which often merges contrasting colors leading to a more homogeneous appearance.

So, why should art lovers on a budget opt for matte canvas prints?

For starters, matte canvas prints excellently preserve darker hues and high contrast images since they minimize the reflection of light off darker parts of the artwork. They also reduce glare, making them easy to view and photograph under various lighting conditions. As a cherry on top, our matte canvas prints at Posterprintshop ensure high resolution, making every color as vibrant as the day you captured it, and every line sharp and clear.

Intrigued? Join us as we delve into matte canvas prints and explore how they can transform your cherished photos or abstract work into eye-catching masterpieces.

The Benefits of Matte Canvas Prints

When it comes to printing your precious memories or artistic creations, the importance of choosing the right type of canvas cannot be overstated. Matte canvas prints, in particular, offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the visual appeal and longevity of your prints.

High Contrast and Complex Color Combinations

One of the hallmarks of matte canvas prints is their ability to retain high contrast and complex color combinations. This is a significant advantage for artwork that thrives on color contrasts. Matte canvas prints ensure that contrasting colors do not merge into each other, as can sometimes happen with glossy canvases. This means that your artwork maintains its original visual impact and integrity, even when printed on a large scale.

Preservation of Darker Hues

Matte canvas prints are also known for their ability to preserve darker hues. This is because they minimize light reflection off the darker parts of the artwork. When it comes to preserving the depth and richness of darker colors, matte canvas prints are the ideal choice.

Ultra Low Glare Finish

Another significant advantage of matte canvas prints is their ultra-low glare finish. This is particularly important when displaying your prints in well-lit spaces, such as galleries or homes. The low glare finish of matte canvas prints ensures that your artwork can be viewed in its best light, without any distracting reflections. Plus, low glare makes these prints easier to photograph, an essential factor for artists intending to sell their prints.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Matte Canvas Prints

In addition to their practical benefits, matte canvas prints also offer a unique aesthetic appeal. They give off a professional and natural look that can add a touch of elegance to any space. Moreover, the matte finish tends to give a more authentic, ‘painterly’ feel to prints, making them a popular choice among art enthusiasts looking to recreate the genuine old artwork feel.

At Posterprintshop, we understand the value of quality and aesthetics in preserving your memories and artistic creations. That’s why we offer top-notch matte canvas prints that not only ensure high-resolution and vibrant colors but also lend a classic, elegant appeal to your prints.

Whether you are an artist looking to showcase your work or a homeowner seeking to add a personal touch to your space, matte canvas prints offer a range of benefits that make them a worthy investment. Next, let’s look at how you can choose the best matte canvas prints for your unique needs.

How to Choose the Best Matte Canvas Prints

Choosing the best matte canvas prints requires careful consideration of several factors. From the quality of the canvas to the printing technique used, each aspect plays a critical role in the outcome of the final product.

Consider the Quality of the Canvas

The quality of the canvas is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the best matte canvas prints. The canvas should be durable and able to withstand the rigors of the printing process. Moreover, the canvas should have an even and smooth texture, which ensures that every color comes out vibrant and every line is sharp and clear. At Posterprintshop, we only use the best canvases with a matte finish, ensuring that every print looks professional and is as durable as possible.

Check the Printing Technique

The printing technique plays a significant role in the resolution and clarity of the final print. At Posterprintshop, we use a particular type of printer to create our high-resolution prints. This technique allows us to achieve results far superior to what can be achieved with home printers. Furthermore, we use the finest inks that result in a wide color gamut and high Dmax, creating canvases with outstanding clarity and detail.

Look for Customization Options

Customization options allow you to create a print that is uniquely yours. Whether you want to turn cherished photos, abstract work, or even digital work into a full-sized piece that can be hung on the wall, customization options can make your vision a reality. At Posterprintshop, we offer a wide range of customization options, including custom sizes and formats, to make your matte canvas print truly unique.

Consider the Size and Format

The size and format of the print are also important considerations. Depending on the space where you plan to display your print, you might prefer a smaller, more intimate print or a larger, more impactful one. At Posterprintshop, we offer matte canvas prints in a wide range of sizes and formats, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your space and style.

Choosing the best matte canvas prints doesn’t have to be complicated. By considering the quality of the canvas, the printing technique used, the available customization options, and the size and format of the print, you can find the perfect matte canvas prints to suit your needs.

Top Affordable Matte Canvas Prints from Posterprintshop

For art lovers on a budget, finding high-quality yet affordable matte canvas prints can seem like a tall order. However, Posterprintshop offers a solution that marries both quality and affordability.

Overview of Posterprintshop’s Matte Canvas Prints

At Posterprintshop, we create museum and archival-quality matte canvas prints that don’t compromise on aesthetics or durability. Our prints are crafted on an acid-free, heavyweight cotton-poly blend canvas, which ensures that the prints are both durable and elegant.

Posterprintshop matte canvas prints - matte canvas prints

This canvas is enhanced with elastic polymers, providing high tensile strength and flexibility. This ensures that your prints can endure the gallery wrap stretching process without cracking.

Features of Posterprintshop’s Matte Canvas Prints

Our matte canvas prints feature a non-reflective surface with a bright white point, exceptionally high Dmax, and wide color gamut. This means that the prints offer outstanding clarity and detail, making your artwork come alive.

What sets our services apart is the level of customization we offer. You can adjust your quantity and add more posters to your order based on your specific needs. We also offer same-day printing and shipping on express orders received by noon Pacific (3 pm Eastern).

Why Choose Posterprintshop for Your Matte Canvas Prints

Customer satisfaction is our priority. As Romana C shared, “The weight and texture of the matte canvas is very nice… The canvas was easy to mount on foam board using spray adhesive… I plan to make future purchases and would definitely recommend them.” We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and this level of positive feedback validates our commitment.

Our matte canvas prints are not just high-quality but also affordable. We understand that art lovers may be working with a budget, and we ensure that our prices are competitive. In addition, we offer a ‘view print before you buy’ feature, allowing you to ensure that you will get the image you want.

Posterprintshop is your one-stop shop for all your matte printing needs. Our high-resolution, great-quality prints cater to all occasions, and our quick turnaround ensures you get your prints when you need them. Visit our matte canvas print page to get started, or contact us today for expert advice and help.

Caring for Your Matte Canvas Prints

Caring for your matte canvas prints is crucial to preserving their allure and vibrancy. This involves proper handling, cleaning, and ensuring their longevity.

Proper Handling and Display

To maintain the pristine condition of your matte prints, they must be handled with care. When you receive your prints from us, they arrive rolled in a tube, ready for you to frame or mount as you wish. While framing, make sure not to touch the surface of the print with bare hands. Use gloves or a soft cloth to prevent any oil or dirt transfer.

When it comes to displaying your matte canvas prints, keep them out of direct sunlight. Although our prints are made with UV-resistant inks, prolonged exposure to sunlight can still cause some color loss. Also, choose an environment with stable temperature and humidity levels, as fluctuations can lead to warping or other damage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your matte canvas prints clean enhances their aesthetic appeal. Dust them lightly with a soft, dry cloth or use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dust particles. Avoid using wet cloths or cleaning solutions, as they can cause damage to the print.

Longevity and Preservation

A major part of caring for your matte canvas prints is ensuring their preservation. Our prints are made with the latest UV inks, which provide excellent UV and fade resistance while still offering vibrant colors and rich details. These inks allow our outdoor posters and banners to last as long as 6 months to 1 year in direct sunlight without any color loss, and indoor prints rarely fade.

However, to further enhance their longevity, you might consider additional measures. For instance, a giclée gloss coating can serve as a powerful defender of canvas prints. Also, framing the prints with UV-resistant glass or acrylic can further shield the artwork from harmful rays.

In conclusion, caring for your matte canvas prints involves thoughtful handling, careful cleaning, and taking steps to ensure their longevity. By doing so, you’ll ensure that these exquisite creations continue to enchant viewers, standing as a testament to timeless beauty that remains undiminished by the passage of time.

Now that you know how to care for your prints, don’t hesitate to explore our range of beautiful and affordable matte canvas prints.


Why Matte Canvas Prints are a Great Investment

Investing in matte canvas prints is a decision you won’t regret. These prints, with their high contrast, complex color combinations, and ultra-low glare finish, offer a professional and aesthetic appeal that stands out in any setting. The preservation of darker hues and the ability to minimize light reflection off the artwork make these prints a favorite among art enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Another major advantage of matte canvas prints is their longevity. With proper handling, display, and maintenance, these prints can withstand the test of time, continually radiating their captivating allure. They encapsulate the creativity, emotions, and stories of artists, making them more than just images on fabric.

At Posterprintshop, we ensure that each print is vibrant, long-lasting, and of the highest quality. We use the latest printing technology and the finest inks, resulting in prints that are not only attractive but also durable. This makes our matte canvas prints a great investment, particularly for art lovers on a budget.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Matte Canvas Prints on a Budget

Choosing the best matte canvas prints on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on quality. It’s about finding the right balance between affordability and excellence. At Posterprintshop, we offer high-quality, affordable matte canvas prints that are sure to impress.

The key to getting the best value is not just in the initial purchase, but in how well the print lasts over time. Choose a print that uses high-quality inks and materials, like those we offer at Posterprintshop.

In summary, matte canvas prints are an excellent choice for art lovers on a budget. They offer a high resolution, quality choice that can transform your favorite photos or art into a full-sized piece to grace your home or gallery.

Ready to explore matte canvas prints? Start your order today with Posterprintshop and experience the difference for yourself.

Posterprintshop Matte Canvas Prints - matte canvas prints


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