Poster Printing – An Easy, Fun and Fast Way to Promote Events

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 06/09/2020

Poster printing is easy, and it will draw attention to whatever you need it to, from your event to your company.

Poster printing might seem like a daunting challenge to some, but breaks it down for customers right here in the idea center. Follow each step and you’ll be good to go!

Choose your slogan and/or graphic: If you’re printing a poster to draw attention to your business or an event, choose an eye-catching graphic that best represents the event or your company. A catchy slogan that also explains the event (“Save the Ta-Tas” for a breast cancer benefit, or “Life’s A Beach” for a company summer outing) to accompany the graphic makes for a great, attention-getting poster.

Gift idea? Choose your poster design or picture: Personalized posters make great gift ideas. If you snapped your niece’s picture at a Jonas Brothers concert or know your grandson’s favorite picture? Make it into a poster! Poster printing as a gift idea is best for kids or teens – young adults might think they’re too mature for putting up posters on their bedroom walls.

Choose your paper: Posters can be printed on photo gloss paper, photo satin paper, even other medias like vinyl, cloth and canvas. Make your posters stand out by choosing something different for your poster printing, like canvas or cloth, or get noticed by sticking with the classic photo gloss.

Choose your size: How big can you go? Decide what’s appropriate for your event or gift. can custom-print posters up to five feet wide by unlimited length, so the possibilities are endless for your poster printing.

Promote with posters: Save some posters for the actual event, but make sure everyone knows about the event, or no one will show up! Poster printing can be done cheaply and efficiently. Tell when you need your posters done by, and they’ll work with you to make sure you can put up posters far enough in advance to promote your event and have some ready for the day of the event, as well.

Customize everything above, and have your poster prints ready by when you need them. See? Poster printing really is that simple.


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