The Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Show Graphics

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 07/21/2020

Trade show graphics are a great visual to have at trade show booths – they draw customers in to your booth. There are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, however, and shows you what they are.

Learning from mistakes is good, but learning from other peoples’ mistakes is much better – and less embarrassing. Take trade shows. We’ve all seen the super-wacky, brightly disorganized and too-flashy-for-the-trade-booth-itself trade show graphics. And we’ve all seen the trade show booths that attract customers. They’ve got trade show graphics that are clear, organized and flashy without trying too hard.

Want to know how those booths do it? Amp up your company’s trade show graphics by following these simple steps:

Great Trade Show Graphics Rule #1: First and foremost, make sure everyone walking by your trade show booth will clearly see your company’s name and what you do. With trade show graphics, less is more when it comes to text – you don’t want to write a novel, and you can talk to people who stop by your booth about what your company does and all its benefits. Your company’s name and something that sets it apart from the competition written in a short, sweet and catchy way.

Great Trade Show Graphics Rule #2: Colorful graphics and catchy taglines will grab customers’ attention. Make sure your trade show graphics don’t grab their attention in a bad way. Keep it simple! Trade show graphics with complementing colors or eye-catching designs are great way to catch potential customers’ eyes.

Great Trade Show Graphics Rule #3: When you think your trade show graphics are complete, ask someone who isn’t familiar with the company (a neighbor, a friend) them to look at them for a minute. Then, take the trade show graphics away, and ask that person if they’d stop to look at a display with those trade show graphics, if they can tell what the company does by looking at the trade show graphics and what’s something your company offers that others can’t. If they can’t answer all three questions, it would do your company good for a little more work to be put into those trade show graphics.

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