Get Creative With Vinyl Sign Grommets for an Eye-Catching Display

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 11/23/2021

Suppose there was ever proof that minor things matter; you could find it in the humble grommet. A grommet is a reinforced hole, a metal ring, to hold something up. This item is essential as a vinyl banner’s weight can cause it to tear from hanging.

What Is a Grommet?

Grommets are the rings used in the reinforcement of banners. These are often mistaken for eyelets, which are smaller and have a more limited purpose. Vinyl banner grommets are larger and more robust, able to support heavier-weight materials.

There are three primary types of vinyl sign grommets. The most common is metal, typically made from brass. These are popular because they don’t chafe as much as other grommets while providing a lightweight yet sturdy hold. Also popular are plastic or plastic-coated grommets which will prevent sharp edges from damaging whatever passes through the hole of the banner. Finally, there are rubber grommets that help keep cabling from being contaminated.

Installing Grommets

One of the fun things about Vinyl banner grommets is the installation process. There are two fundamental methods used. The first is with an industrial machine used in a shop. This is the most common method and involves a machine punching a hole using a foot pedal. This machine will hit the grommets for thin materials, glue them, and drill them for thicker materials. This is standard for any quality banner printer and is often installed during large vinyl sign printing

The other option, most commonly used on DIY banners, is a grommet gun. A grommet gun punches a hole, and the grommet pieces are bound together. The tool resembles an oversized nail and gun. It requires a rather potent amount of strength to operate, so caution is necessary with a grommet gun. Either option has its use, and it’s critical to know your needs.

Grommets are spaced at intervals across the banner, adding visual flair and helping to even the load on the banner. Too much weight on a grommet or hole can stress the banner and tear the hole. With an even weight, the banner will remain sturdy and supported. This invisible step does a great job of keeping the banner holding up for years.

Grommets come in many sizes and always fit the hole of the banner. They’re so necessary that they’re typically added at no extra cost. Grommets are easy to overlook but vital to a sign.

You might not think of the fun you can have with vinyl sign grommets, but there are unexpected benefits. Since these metal rings allow for a sturdy, reinforced hanging, they make it possible to get creative with how you hang your banners.

The Basics of Hanging a Banner With Grommets

>Hanging a banner with vinyl sign grommets is a relatively simple task, but grommets offer an advantage worth considering. Since they are so durable, they make it easier to hang a banner outdoors and indoors. Here are the basic steps involved in that process.

Collect Your Materials

Gather your materials. These can include the banner and whatever materials you need to hang the banner. Such as:

  • Nails
  • Hanging clips
  • Rope
  • Wire

These materials will vary depending on the job, but having the supplies necessary to support the banner’s weight will matter.

Find Your Desired Location

With the materials collected, find the ideal spot to hang the banner. This can be anything from a wall to a stand. The key is ensuring the space is clean and free of anything sharp that might tear the banner.

Measure the Grommet Distance

After finding your desired location, measure the grommet distance carefully to ensure enough rope or whatever hanging supply you need. It should be enough to let it hang without too much slack while also not hanging too tight. In the case of nails, ensure they’re a decent distance into the wall but not enough to let the banner fall. It’s best to first line it up as a test to ensure everything is in place before the final hanging.

Hang the Banner

Hang the banner by hooking it into the nails or threading the rope or cable through the grommets. With the banner firmly in place, it can hang safely. When you’re done using it, simply detach it and roll it up for future usage.

The Fun of Hanging Banners

A banner is meant to be shown off. With the time and expense involved in large vinyl sign printing, it makes no sense to hide the banner after one-time use. Have fun with your banner. Some of the ways you can hang it include:

  • Using stands designed to hang a banner 
  • Hang it against a wall
  • Hang the banner vertically for a different style
  • Use the banner at trade shows with stands or against a wall
  • Have people carry it in a parade or at an event

A banner is a versatile item. It can be a great way to call attention to whatever you want to promote. Consider the value of a high-quality banner today.

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