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If you have a business, you know the need to promote it. A custom poster with your graphics is the perfect way to do that.

Promotion is essential for any business that wants to attract customers. If your company is new or it offers great services, the general public, or potential customers, need to know about it. A great way to get word out to anyone in the area is a custom poster.

A custom poster is ideal for photographs or graphics, menus or signs and trade show graphics. Depending on what you want to say or promote, can help get you started.

Target Your Customers:

  • Who is your company’s customer?
  • What appeals to them?
  • What about your business, services or promotion appeals to them?

Once you answer these questions, choosing appropriate graphics and artwork for your canvas poster will be easy.

Choose your text: For a custom poster, choose an eye-catching graphic that best represents the text you want printed on it. Whether you’re promoting a special or an ongoing service, write it on your custom poster. But don’t write a novel – people don’t want to stand outside reading your poster all day. Write text that’s quick and to the point, and will pique customers’ interest enough to get them to go inside your store. We print in full color, so take advantage of the photographic qualities of our custom poster printing.

Choose your size: How big can you go? Decide what’s appropriate for your company and for your custom poster. can custom print posters up to five feet wide by unlimited length, so the possibilities are endless for your poster printing.

Choose where to put it: Outside your business might be an obvious place to put your poster. After all, displaying your promotion and/or services on your store’s exterior is a great way to get customers inside. But don’t stop there – investigate other locations and places to put up custom posters. This way, you’ll get your company’s name in customers’ heads who might not be near your store.


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