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The maximum recommended size for your poster based on this image’s resolution is " x ".

Printed this size or smaller, it will look photographic. Printed much larger is not recommended as it will start to appear blurry or pixelated.

Our File Quality Check Tool is checking the actual resolution (dpi) of the file you uploaded to ensure there are enough dots per inch to enlarge it to a poster and retain clarity. As you enlarge a poster, the more DPI you have to start, the better chances we have of it remaining clear as it enlarges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A starting image can have high resolution but still be blurry. Sometimes a customer will try to fool the quality check by “adding resolution” or re-sizing the image using software at home to give it more dpi. This just creates a starting image that has high resolution but is still blurry. A good rule of thumb is to open your starting image at actual size on your computer and study it. If it’s clear at actual size, then it should be clear when we enlarge it. If it’s already blurry at actual size, then your enlarged print is also going to be blurry.

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