Why do I need


It is important that the file you upload has enough resolution in it to print at a large size.

Good vs Bad File Quality

What is resolution?

A photo is made up of tiny dots called pixels. The number of pixels in your photo dictates how large the photo can be printed before it starts to get blurry. Pixels are measured by the inch, and the more pixels per inch you have, the ‘clearer’ the photo will be. As a photo is enlarged for poster printing, the pixels are stretched out, making less and less pixels per inch. If your image doesn’t have enough pixels to begin with, then enlarging your photo to a poster won’t work.

How do I get
enough resolution?

Use a file or photo that has come from a high quality source. Images taken from the internet and low resolution phones do not have enough resolution for printing, they were designed to be viewed on computer screens, not enlarged and printed as posters.

High Resolution Images:

(ok to print)

Low Resolution Images:

(not ok to print)

Why can’t you make my image work?

It’s a common next question for someone to say “my image is too low quality, isn’t there something you can do?” If there was a way to magically enhance your image, we would sure do it. But unfortunately you cannot “create” pixels that don’t exist. That is what causes blurriness. A tiny image can’t be enlarged to giant proportions if it doesn’t have enough pixels to begin with.

File Quality Check

An image needs at least 75 dpi at actual size to look clear. Our Quality Tool can check your image resolution and tell you how many pixels your image has and how large it can be printed.

For answers to other common questions about file quality and handy size tables, check out our File Preparation FAQ here.

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