Are delivery dates and times “guaranteed”?

Posterprintshop specializes in rush printing and shipping and pride ourselves in having the fastest print and ship delivery turnaround in the industry.  We all remember the “good old days” of Fedex stating “when you absolutely have to have it overnight” and their service level guarantee.  Unfortunately, the global Covid-19 pandemic has strained all delivery carriers and they have suspended their guarantees.  While 99% of the time the quoted “arrives by” date given on checkout will be met, there are occasions Fedex or USPS will miss this date, and this is out of our control.  Neither carrier is honoring service level guarantees nor offering refunds if a delivery time and date is missed.  You agree when you checkout that we are not liable for any missed delivery date or time and that there are no refunds from Posterprintshop or the carrier if a delivery date is missed.  Refunds or reshipments are offered only if a package has not arrived within 7 days of it’s quoted ‘arrives by’ date.  Note that this is extremely rare, but as USPS and Fedex work to catch up, there can be unforeseen delays caused by issues at their hubs.

We hope that as the effects of the pandemic diminish and the carriers resume normal operation that they will once again honor their quoted dates.  Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, we post the following note and warning on our checkout pages to ensure you are aware of this policy before placing your order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Fedex and USPS have posted the following notices on their sites, and both have suspended service level guarantees. This means that, while 99% of the time your package will arrive by the date quoted below, there is a chance that a carrier will miss this date. As such, quoted delivery dates are not guaranteed, and there is no refund from the carrier or Posterprintshop if a package is late. While we and the carrier will do everything possible to ensure on time delivery, you understand we are not liable for a carrier delay. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

USPS and Fedex official notices: The COVID-19 pandemic has created record-breaking shipment volumes. As more people shop online to avoid crowds in stores, those numbers have grown even more. This has created shipping volumes that are taxing logistics networks nationwide, which may cause unforeseen delays. Delivery guarantees are suspended during this time.

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Updated on November 23, 2022
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