Are shipping / arrival dates “guaranteed”? What do I do if a package is late?

When checking out, we offer two levels of shipping services – “Express” and “Standard” shipping.

Express Shipping Methods

When you choose an express shipping method, your order is processed almost immediately, and will ship the same day if ordered before Noon (Pacific) and the following day if ordered after noon.  Each method shows an “arrives by” date and time as quoted by FedEx.  FedEx Express methods arrive on time at least 99% of the time and, while they cost a bit more, are the option you should choose when you need an accurate arrival date.

Standard Shipping Methods

For more economical shipping, you can choose between Fedex Ground and USPS Priority Mail when you have more time to receive your order and precise tracking and special rush processing is not as important as saving some $.  These shipping methods give an “arrives by” date that is projected by the carrier as the average amount of time it will take for that method to reach your address.  These dates are not guaranteed by us or the carrier.  In most cases, your package will arrive on or before the date shown, but in some areas or due to some circumstances, it could arrive a little later.

What if a package is late or arriving after the ‘arrives by’ date?

We know this can be frustrating.  A key thing to remember is that Posterprintshop is not the carrier of the package to you.  We specialize in rush printing and do everything possible to get your order shipped ASAP, with the fastest processing times in the industry.  Unfortunately, after the package leaves our facility, it is in the hands of the carrier (FedEx or USPS) depending on the method you chose.  If your package is late, the first step is to contact the carrier with your tracking number for information on the status.  The package is now in their hands, and they are the ones that can give you information on reasons why it might be late and when it might arrive.

If the package misses it’s “arrives by” date by more than 48 hours and you’ve contacted the carrier, then we will work with you to get a replacement shipped ASAP.


In past years, we all remember the great days of “delivery guarantees” and refunds if a package did not meet the quoted arrival date and time.  Unfortunately, in recent times, both USPS and FedEx have all but eliminated their ‘guarantees” due to the pandemic, weather, holiday surges, and other similar issues.  While the carriers do everything possible to meet the quoted date and times, they do occasionally have issues such as weather, pandemic delays, and more that cause them to miss a quoted delivery date, and unfortunately they no longer provide credits or refunds when this happens.  Chalk it up to 2020.

If you do have a package that misses it’s quoted arrives by date, please contact the carrier.  If you let us know, even though we are not able to get to whatever warehouse or truck it’s on for you and personally get it to your house or business, we are happy to offer you a discount off a future order as our apology for the carrier letting us both down.


Note that virtually 99% of the time our arrives by dates are very accurate, but these can be missed, especially during holiday surges or weather situations.  For that reason, we always recommend ordering the fastest method possible and as early as possible when you have a drop dead needed date.

Thank you!

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Updated on February 5, 2021
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