Do you offer free shipping?

We don’t offer free shipping, or even make it a promotion, for one simple reason:  nothing is ever really free.  You see, the USPS and FedEx charge everyone (including us) to deliver packages – they don’t deliver packages for free for anyone.

When you see “free shipping” offers and promotions, it simply means that the company has raised their prices on their products and services to cover the shipping costs that they pretend to give you for free.  It’s a well known marketing tactic, and marketers who explain how to do it for certain items teach merchants how to average shipping costs and “add them in” to the costs of their products.

We don’t like gimmicks and fake discounts, we’d rather offer you our very best, and real, price on all of our products everyday.  We haven’t increased our products pricing in over 15 years.

Finally, we offer the largest variety of shipping methods in the industry based on how fast you need it, from USPS to FedEx Ground to FedEx Overnight.  We don’t mark up the prices from shipping – the price calculated and shown to you for shipping is the exact charge from USPS or FedEx to deliver a tube of posters to your address.

You’ll see our loyal customers keep coming back because of our commitment to quality, materials, fast shipping, and the best price every day.


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Updated on November 23, 2022
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