How do I check a file for quality and place an order?

Here are the steps to order and check a file for quality and size:

  1. Go to the ORDER WIZARD under ORDER in the main menu.
  2. On this page, choose the media you want to print on (step 1), enter the exact size of poster or print that you need (step 2), then upload the file (step 3).
  3. Our wizard will then do two things – it will check the quality of the image you are uploading and tell you the maximum size it recommends you to print it before it will lose quality. This size won’t identically match what you are requesting, it’s just the recommended maximum size. If this size is a lot smaller than what you are trying to print, we don’t recommend continuing as your final print may be blurry. If it’s within a few inches, you can proceed.
  4. The next check is the ‘aspect ratio’ of your image, where it checks to make sure that the image you are uploading sizes proportionally to the size you are ordering (sometimes the size of your uploaded image doesn’t size proportionally to what you are ordering – this is common with irregular sizes). The system will tell you to crop or resize in the next step.
  5. Continue through the wizard until you see the Print Preview page which has placed the image you uploaded on a white canvas with rulers – this shows you what your uploaded image looks like when placed on the size you ordered. If you see white space above or below or on the sides, that means your image doesn’t size proportionally to what you are ordering. You can now use the blue handles to resize (which crops some of the image) so that it fills the white space. What you see here will be what your finished print looks like.
  6. If you don’t want to crop or resize, you can use the toggle to “size to fit” but this is now changing your print size to match what you uploaded.
  7. The DOWNLOAD PREVIEW button allows you to download a proof of what your print will look like.
  8. When you have the print looking how you want it on this page, you can hit CONTINUE to finalize the print and move to the configure page where you can choose trim, to add a border, and the qty you want and then add it to your cart to checkout.

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Updated on November 25, 2022
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