I Received A Blurry Print

It’s important to understand the difference between resolution and blurriness or focus issues.

When you upload a file to our order system or use the “File Quality Check”, our site calculates the resolution (the total dots per inch) in your file and then determines the maximum size your image can be enlarged before it will start to pixelate or look distorted. This is because resolution determines how many pixels your source image contains, and the more pixels you have, (the higher resolution), the larger you can print a photo before distortion begins.

However, it’s impossible for the computer to know if your image is blurry to begin with. Just because you have a high resolution image doesn’t mean it isn’t already blurry or out of focus. When we enlarge your image for poster printing, we are ‘enlarging’ what you already send to us. We count on you to be choosing and uploading an image that is already crystal clear and in focus to begin with, then the resolution checking tool will be accurate. It is possible to upload a very high resolution, but blurry, file.

If you upload an image that is already out of focus or blurry, you’re going to receive a larger version of the same image. We cannot be responsible for ‘blurry’ images when your source file is already blurry. We rely on you looking at what you are uploading and understanding you are going to receive a larger version of the file you upload. Generally, if the image you are uploading is crystal clear, your enlarged print will also be clear, and the Quality Check will be able to tell you how large it can be printed and remain clear. If you are uploading an image that is already blurry or not sharp at the size you are uploading it, you are going to receive a larger version with the same issues.

Always check your source image on your own screen at actual size to ensure you’re selecting an image that is perfectly clear, and in perfect focus, before sending to us for printing.


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Updated on June 12, 2021
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