Is there a Minimum Order Quantity or Value?

Posterprintshop specializes in small “short-run” orders of 1 – 50 posters. Once you need more than 50 copies of the same poster, it can be more economical to go with an offset printer that specializes in mass-run printing.

With Posterprintshop, each individual copy of each poster is carefully and individually printed on large format photography quality inkjet printers, that can take from 15 minutes to several hours per poster to print one copy. This results in the high quality we are famous for.

Because each file submitted is individually opened, analyzed, prepared for printing, printed on one of our specialty printers, then carefully cut, rolled and packaged – we do have a minimum order value of $15. This minimum order amount barely covers the labor involved to cover the steps necessary to prepare, print and package your order. Because of the steps and labor involved, we do not accept orders of less than $15 in value.

Any order that would cost less than $15 is more of a “photo enlargement” and you should visit your local Walgreens or pharmacy for this type of inexpensive order.

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Updated on November 5, 2019
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