USPS Tracking Information

Unfortunately it can be quite common for orders shipped via USPS to have inaccurate tracking information due to USPS carriers inconsistency in scanning packages throughout the journey from us to you.

During checkout our system shows you a variety of shipping methods, grouped under “Express Shipping” and “Standard Shipping”. Express shipping is recommended for orders that you need by a specific date.

Under “Standard Shipping”, we state: “Orders with standard shipping are printed and shipped within 48 hours. For the most economical shipping, choose one of our standard shipping methods below when you have a little more time to receive your order.”

When you choose standard shipping (PRIORITY MAIL) your order is printed and shipped within 48 hours or 2 business days, the postal service then can take another day for pickup and another 2 -4 days for delivery. Our checkout screen also shows you the date your package will arrive by when you choose USPS Priority Mail, and it is 12 calendar days from the date you placed your order.

While we know it can be frustrating to wait for a package to arrive when it shows shipped, please keep in mind that you were shown a date 12 days from the date of your order as the arrival date and this is the method you chose. In virtually every case, your order will arrive by the date given to you on checkout. You can also find this date on your confirmation email.

It is never recommended to choose USPS Priority Mail for an order that you need to arrive by a guaranteed time or that you wish to watch the tracking progress. This is because the US Postal Service is notorious for rarely scanning or updating their tracking systems for Priority Mail. Most customers report that their package has arrived when the USPS tracking system still shows nothing more than “label generated.”

As our shipping screen states, USPS is a great and economical choice when you have time and patience to receive your print via a slower method at the cheapest price. If you need accurate tracking and faster delivery, we highly recommend FedEx.

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Updated on November 5, 2019
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