What are common poster sizes?

Traditional or “common” poster sizes are 18 x 24 (small), 24 x 36 (medium) and 36 x 48 (large). Movie posters are typically 27 x 40. But note that we can print ANY custom size, they don’t need to be these predetermined sizes.

And, VERY IMPORTANT – just beause there are common poster sizes doesn’t mean that your image sizes to one of those dimensions. Your source photo must match or size proportionally to the size you want to print, or you will have to crop your image to make it fit those dimensions. Think of it like this – a ‘landscape’ oriented image (wider than it is tall) is not going to fit into a 18 x 24 (portrait) layout – you’d need to cut the sides off. So take a minute to look at or learn the proportion of your image to make sure it sizes up to the size poster you want.

Our order process will tell you if your image fits within the size you selected, and if it doesn’t match, you will be given an option to crop the image on screen so that you make it fit perfectly into the size you selected. The previous explanation is to help you understand when and why a crop requirement would appear.

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Updated on March 28, 2020
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