Make Your Holiday Photo Enlargements Stand Out

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 12/15/2022

The holiday season is a special time of year. This is a time when families gather together to share gifts, reminisce, and decorate the home. It’s a time of merriment, joy, and a desire to cherish the good moments. However, things are not always so merry, as the holidays can often have their own complications.

Finding the perfect gift for family and friends can be a little overwhelming. You’re looking for something within the budget that’s impressive and doesn’t require the need to visit multiple stores. Not only that, but you’re usually looking for multiple gifts for a variety of people and their interests. That can be tricky for your mind and your wallet.

If you want to produce something more unique than another pair of socks this year, you might consider adding holiday prints to your gift-giving list. Not only are large photo prints eye-catching, but they’re also meaningful and unique! Not only that, but you can choose a different photo print for every person you need to give a gift to, if you like, or easily create multiple copies of a single photo your family members love.

How To Get The Perfect Holiday Prints

The holiday season brings with it merriment, decoration, and light-hearted fun. The joys of being around friends and family during this time of year are some of the best you’ll experience. However, the season can also come with expectations, disappointment, and stress. Most of this can stem from gift-giving.

Customizable holiday prints could be the solution to avoiding the downsides that the holidays can bring. They are unique and affordable gifts with multiple uses that will have family and friends talking about them well into the future.

Where To Begin

Taking your favorite photos and turning them into stunning holiday prints is easy at Poster Print Shop. The hardest choice is deciding on whether you want a canvas print or a digitally enlarged poster print. Both options require a favored photo your family or friends are sure to love.

Poster printing takes photo enlargements from an original photo. This process can quickly and easily be done via digital picture enlargement. A canvas turns a photo into a work of art. These holiday prints can then be framed and mounted as decorations or works of art on a gallery wall.

Canvas Prints As Holiday Gifts

You can transform any image into a high-quality canvas print. Each of our canvas prints is professionally rolled and delivered to your home in either a studio collector gloss finish or a professional matte finish. Any photo you choose will instantly become a work of art suitable as a holiday keepsake to be treasured forever.

Canvas Prints As Decorations

Printing your own canvas prints for the holiday season creates a holiday decoration niche opportunity. Not only will the decorations be unique, but you won’t have to drive around for hours looking for the perfect ones to fit your theme.

Instead, you can create your holiday theme with your own choice of photos and ring in the New Year with a style all your own. The possibilities are endless when taking matters into your own hands. No matter the style, canvas prints as holiday decorations will be a great addition to your decor.

How To Enlarge Prints Without Reducing Quality

For your holiday prints to leave a mark, you’ll want to have them enlarged into poster prints. However, creating photo enlargements from an original photo is not always a simple task. Creating a digital picture enlargement will require a few additional steps to turn common reactions into awe-filled ones.

Quality is Essential

Where once it took a high-end digital camera to snap enlargement-worthy photos, it now only requires a modern-day smartphone. Smartphones that have 10-megapixel cameras or better make it easy to create a large format print from any image.

Dots Per Inch (DPI) is the number of dots printed on each inch of an image. Ensuring you have the highest DPI possible will result in a better, higher-quality print. The lower the DPI, the worse the print will turn out, resulting in a grainy, pixelated image.

Best Printing DPI

We recommend 300 DPI for the highest-quality “giclée” photo print. However, anything above 150 DPI should still come out looking well enough. So long as you don’t enlarge photos to more than double the max size, the quality will remain acceptable.

Anything under 150 DPI will likely result in a low-resolution finished product. Images captured on your phone, Facebook, or Instagram are normally resized for the web at 72 DPI. Thankfully, you can easily adjust this to deliver a high-quality enlarged print.

Enlarging An Image To Print

The native photo editing tools that come with your computer (i.e., MS Paint) are usually all you need to modify your photo’s DPI to get it ready for print. Alternative editing software like Photoshop can offer additional alteration opportunities that we will discuss later.

Adjusting DPI will display the largest size at which your photo can retain its quality. To see a photo’s DPI using MS Paint:

  1. Launch the Paint application.
  2. Click on File and Open your image.
  3. With your image loaded, click File again, and now click Image Properties.
  4. The DPI of the image will be displayed next to Resolution in the Image Properties window.

To adjust the DPI:

  1. Note the current height and width of the image (in inches) while in Image Properties.
  2. Find an image with the DPI you’re looking for (minimum 150 DPI). To do this, you can search the internet or, if you have one on your computer, right-click that file and select “Open With” Paint.
  3. Adjust the dimensions of the new image to match those of the lower-resolution image you want to use.
  4. Once complete, click OK.
  5. Swap to the low-resolution photo and press Ctrl + A to select it and Ctrl + C to copy the image.
  6. Head back to the high-resolution image and press Ctrl + V to paste it.
  7. Once the image is compatible with your settings, click Save.

Once you know the max width and height of a 300 DPI image, you can mess around with the dimensions in any photo on Paint to determine how large the image can become before lowering quality. If you’re having trouble getting the resolution at the size you need, you can print the image at 300 DPI and then scan it. This method works exceptionally well when attempting to print out older photos without losing quality.

How to Enlarge Old Photos Without Losing Quality

When it comes to enlarging images, scanning old photos requires the same DPI count as digital photos. In this case, the scanner will determine the DPI.

Most in-home scanners can capture images up to 1200 DPI. The amount is four times the resolution required in a high-quality print. You’ll be able to scan a photo and then reprint it at four times the size while maintaining the original quality.

To pull it off, increase your scanner’s resolution settings to 1200 DPI, as it’s not likely to be set there by default. Afterward, adjust the resolution on the digital file using the same steps from earlier.

How to Enlarge an Image in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent image editing and manipulation tool that can help you pull off even better edits than Paint. This includes what you can do about resolutions. Though you won’t be able to enlarge your photos drastically, the quality will remain high.

Here are the steps to make adjustments:

  1. Launch Photoshop and open your image.
  2. Navigate to Image Size, check the box marked Resample, and select Preserve Details in the dropdown menu.
  3. Set the Resolution to 300 Pixels/Inch.
  4. Set the Width and Height to inches and adjust the image to no larger than double its size.
  5. Save the enlarged image as a Smart Object.
  6. Duplicate the layer and set the blend mode to Soft Light.
  7. Apply a High Pass filter.
  8. Adjust the preview until you create an enhanced edge.

Preempting For Higher Quality Photo Capture

During the photo enlargement process, you will lose some resolution. The quality of the original image determines the amount you will lose through enlargement.

The better the quality of the original image, the better the quality of the finished product will be. You can take some preemptive steps to ensure the highest quality enlargement and minimize loss.

Use The Higher Megapixel Device

Regarding your smartphone vs. a digital camera, the one to choose for crisper photos boils down to the number of megapixels it can capture. Chances are good that any digital camera bought within the last few years will capture better images than your smartphone. However, if you have an old digital camera, a new smartphone may be much more effective.

With some research, determine which device will produce the highest-quality images and opt to use it when taking shots you might wish to memorialize later.

File Format: RAW vs. JPEG

DSLR cameras usually come with two shooting formats: RAW and JPEG. Each has its advantages and disadvantages that you should understand before deciding to snap the perfect photos.

A RAW file captures uncompressed data, which tends to be larger in (file) size. It is generally the format used primarily by professional photographers who wish to work with more during the processing phase.

JPEG images are compressed RAW files where most of the processing work is done for you. This usually results in a more finished-looking product and is especially popular with photography novices.

RAW will allow you to adjust the entire image to your preferences as it is a file where the image has not yet been processed. If you plan to shoot in JPEG, ensure that your camera is set to the highest possible quality settings. The more high-quality the JPEG, the more you can enlarge it without suffering a loss in quality.

Eliminate Digital Noise From Your Shot

There are a few techniques to reduce and remove digital noise while shooting and editing. 

Since sensitivity creates noise, using a low ISO when shooting can eliminate the grain that surfaces during a shot. It would be best if you also aimed to take photos only with full-frame sensor cameras and large-aperture lenses. Doing so will enable the image to capture more light.

Ensure your images receive only the correct exposure. You can help this along by decreasing the shutter speed. Shooting in RAW will capture as much information as possible, allowing you to avoid digital noise altogether.

Photoshop is one of the most effective ways to reduce digital noise if you’re more equipped to edit images. Other noise-reducing software worth investing in is Denoise AI or DXOPureRAW2.

Of course, you will also want to keep the camera shake to a minimum. It’s one of the most important steps to follow while taking photos to limit digital noise.

Different Type of Photo Print Enlargements

Canvas and posters are not the only holiday prints available. There are a few different types of print mediums to provoke holiday gift-giving and decoration ideas.

Obviously, you can start with photo paper as it is the most common print option available. Poster Print Shop offers four different versions: gloss, satin, matte, and economy.

Next we have film prints which are perfect for decorating more than just your walls. Film prints are a more up-and-coming print type that offers gorgeous, vibrant colors and a more modern look. Lastly, there are vinyl prints which are perfect for holiday banners.

Happy Holidays!

Elevate your gift-giving capabilities this holiday season with a few holiday prints from Poster Print Shop. Breathe new life into old family photos by giving them a more vibrant and professional look.

If you have any questions or concerns that our online FAQ cannot answer, you can contact us directly by calling us or starting a live chat with the icon in lower right corner.

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