Large Pictures Printed as Posters Make the Perfect Gift

Whether your favorite photo is big or small, reprinting a large picture of it as a poster and custom-framing it is the perfect gift idea.

If you’re like most people, your digital camera photo card and computer hard drive are overflowing with pictures you forgot about. Remember the company picnic? Your nephew’s birthday party? Sitting fifth row at the U2 concert? You’ve captured all sorts of moments on film and stored them away. If you’re searching for a gift idea, doing something with large snapshots of precious moments is always different and a gift from the heart. Here are a few ideas:

Large snapshots framed: This is the simplest idea, but it’s often the most loved gift by the recipient. Enlarge and print a favorite photo and put it in a nice frame, and it’s sure to be placed in a prominent position in the recipient’s home.

Large snapshots on canvas: Take a favorite photo and instead of just enlarging it and framing it, put it on canvas! A different take on the large-snapshots-as-gifts idea, large snapshots on canvas look like works of art.

Large snapshots as photo greeting cards: Why buy a run-of-the-mill greeting card when you can make your own? This gift idea can be a fun project, especially if a goofy photo will serve as the front of the card. Have fun coming up with cheeky or funny things to write inside, just like greeting cards you see in the store, except with a personal twist.

Large snapshots as photo album covers: For those who love scrapbooking, this idea might be a perfect fit. Next time you create a photo album, use a large snapshot as the cover. This works nicely if the photo album has a certain theme, like “Karen’s Trip Abroad” or “Sorority Reunion 2009.” Collect photos, arrange them in the album as you like, and use your favorite photo as the cover of the album. Enlarge and laminate it, and attach it to the photo album.



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