Matte Canvas: The High Resolution, Quality Choice

Are you looking to print a favorite photo or your latest work of art but are not sure what kind of canvas to use? Well, look no further than’s matte canvas printing service. 

Indeed, matte finish canvases are the ideal choice to make sure your prints look their best, whether on display in your home or a gallery. The good news is you can continue reading to learn all about the advantages of using matte canvas for your prints and the particular specification of our matte canvases that makes them so special.

What is a Matte Canvas?

Simply put, a matte canvas is a large piece of fabric that has a dull (matte) finish and is used as a base on which to print images. Matte canvases differ from those with a gloss finish because they lack the shiny coating that is applied to the latter, something that produces better quality and clarity. 

The History of Matte Canvas

A quick trip to your local museum or art gallery will show you that you are much more likely to see a matte canvas used for artworks. This is because they have been created directly onto the matte surface for centuries. That is one reason people looking to recreate that genuine old artwork feel, choose matte over glossy canvases. 

The great thing about our photo printing service is that you don’t have to be a master with paint and brush to create wonderful art pieces that will grace your home. Instead, you can turn cherished photos, abstract work, or even digital work into a full-sized piece that can be hung on the wall.

The Benefits of Matte Canvas

There are many advantages to choosing a matte canvas over a glossy one. The first is that matte canvases look much more professional and natural than glossy ones. 

A matte canvas will not cause any glare either, which means they are much better for viewing prints of artwork in the home or the gallery. Also, because they have no glare, they are much easier to photograph, which is essential for those selling their prints. They can show potential customers a version of the digital image and an image of the canvas itself. 

Again because of a matte canvas’ lack of light reflection, the detail in the print will also be easier to pick out, which makes for a better quality product overall. 

The surface of the canvas also affects the resolution of the image printed on them. Due to our matte canvases’ even and smooth nature, you can be sure that every color will come out as vibrant as the day you captured it, and every line will be sharp and clear. 

What Makes Matte Canvas Prints Have a High Resolution?

Two things go into making a high-resolution matte canvas print. The first is the printing process that is used and the materials being used. That is why we only use the best canvases with a matte finish and the highest quality inks. That is how we ensure that every print looks professional and is as durable as possible. 

What are the Technical Specifications on How Matte Canvas Prints are Made?

We use a particular type of printer to create our high-resolution prints, which is why we can achieve results far superior to the ones you can get at home. We also use the finest inks that result in a wide color gamut and high Dmax, creating canvases with outstanding clarity and detail. 

We also use heavyweight cotton-poly blend canvases that are linen and acid-free for the best possible result. Our matte canvases also have a bright white point and a non-reflective surface to ensure the best quality image. 

Lastly, the canvas we use is also enriched with elastic polymers. These offer greater flexibility and high tensile strength, so you can be sure that your print will successfully make it through the gallery wrapping process with no risk of cracking. (We currently do not offer gallery wrapping, so your matte finish photos will be sent to you rolled for protection in a postal tube). 

What Makes Matte Canvas Prints Such High Quality?

By sticking to the following strategies, you can ensure you get the highest quality image on your print. The first is that you must make sure that the resolution of the image you are using is high. This is because the higher the resolution of the original image, the more detailed and sharp your matte finish photos will turn out. 

Next, be sure that you choose the best quality canvas you can. Where possible, you need to find one that has been specifically designed for printing. The good news is that by choosing for your matte canvas needs, this will all be taken care of for you. 

What are the Other Types of Matte Prints We Offer?

Here at, we only offer matte canvas prints but a range of other matte prints. Why not try our matte finish photos? They are perfect for your home gallery wall, or you could use our matte photos to ensure you get the best resolution for your next photography exhibition. Our matte paper prints are ideal for advertising or selling your art online too. Best of all, there is no minimum order, and they won’t break the bank. 

Choose PosterPrintShop for all Your Matte Print Needs! provides high-resolution, great-quality prints for any and all occasions. With our quick turnaround, you can trust us to get the job done quickly, and you can even be sure that you will get the image you want with our useful ‘view print before you buy’ feature. 

For small prints or large canvases, has all your matte printing needs covered. Visit our matte canvas print page to get started, or contact us today for expert advice and help. 

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