View Thru Vinyl

View Thru Vinyl

Giant graphics printed on self adhesive view thru window vinyl.

View Thru Vinyl

$10sq ft
  • perforated self adhesive window film
  • 70/30 view thru vinyl
  • one way vision, mounts on outside of glass
  • removable

Our view thru window vinyl is backed with a self adhesive and is designed for installation on the outside of windows and flat glass surfaces, including building windows, public and private vehicles.

Printing occurs on the outside of the film which is designed so that the printed surface looks solid on the outside of the window allows see-thru from the inside. The effect on the outside is almost like a solid printed piece, while the effect on the inside is the impression of a slightly tinted window with visibility of everything outside.

Once applied on glass, it can be removed without leaving an adhesive residue. View Thru Vinyl can only be applied once, after removal it cannot be re-applied.

View Thru Window Vinyl is perfect for…

  • full window displays

  • advertising

  • vehicle advertising

  • bus and car windows

  • store signage

  • window privacy

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