Promote Your Company With Large Format Prints & Posters

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Let’s face it – getting your logo on a large format print is a great way to promote business. offers custom-size large format prints of up to five feet wide by unlimited lengths. Therefore, it’s able to promote your company with any size large format prints, any shape format prints and large format prints on any medium. With its high-resolution photo technology, photos and text, no matter how large you want your large format prints to be, they’ll never look pixilated or low-quality.

But every business can promote itself with large format prints. How can your company differentiate itself? Using short, catchy taglines in easy-to-read text and stark colors are just the beginning. has organized a list of what all businesses should consider when creating large format prints.

It should attract and hold attention. Otherwise, what’s the point of a large format print? You want your business to attract customers; better make a large format print that does just that. Use bright colors sparingly, with neutral colors and an accent color to catch the eye, and a catchy tagline. Those basics make successful large format prints.

It’s not a novel – it should focus on and say one clear message about your business. Just don’t use unprofessional looking fonts. There are some silly looking fonts out there – Comic Sans looks cartoonish; Curlz MT is too little girl’s font for a business, Vivaldi looks like it belongs on a wedding invitation…the list goes on and on. For your large format prints, you don’t want them looking unprofessional. Write your company’s name in Helvetica, Gotham, Georgia or Whitney, all clear, concise font choices.

Use a stark background: The background on your large format poster should never be an image – it’s too distracting! Instead, the backgrounds of large format posters should always be a solid color: black, navy or white are popular choices.


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