School Events Pop with Custom Full Color Poster Printing

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Homecoming dances, sports events, pep rallies and spirit week – how can a school keep track of it all? With custom poster printing, and’s services.

There are way too many events that go on during Homecoming week. Whether the student is a timid freshman, wondering how they can get involved in school and meet new friends, or an experienced senior who rules the school, when it comes to Homecoming week and activities, or school activities in general, it can be a little overwhelming. Custom poster printing can help. How? Believe it or not, it can help your school get a little more organized when it comes to school activities. Custom poster printing makes everything clearer – create custom posters depending on what event you want to promote at the school.

Here are a few ideas:

Student council elections: Be sure you’re not favoring any candidates, but help the student population out by reminding them who the candidates are. Without doing your own student campain, custom design posters that promote the student election that’s coming up. Custom poster printing can easily help.

Homecoming: Advertising anything about Homecoming, from the big dance to the big game, is easy with custom poster printing. Custom-create posters that announces the dance’s theme and when it is, and plaster them all over the walls of the hallways. Attendance will be up from last year!

Sports championship games: Make sure everyone knows when the big game is! Whether it’s a football/basketball/baseball/wrestling championship, custom poster printing can make it happen. Create custom posters to announce that the game is coming up to ensure lots of fans will be in the stands, bleachers, or wherever, dressed in their school colors.

Spirit Days: Spirit Days can vary – pajama day, crazy hat day, school colors day, the list goes on and on. Make sure no student or teacher misses out by creating a custom poster that lists all the spirit days during spirit week. Come in to Poster Print Shop to get your custom poster printing needs done!


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