Posterprintshop Wallet

Our new wallet system allows you to deposit funds into an electronic wallet that we keep safe and encrypted for you. Speed up your checkout in the future by paying for future orders with funds from your wallet.

As an added bonus, we deposit a 10% bonus in funds when you make a deposit. Deposit $100, we give you $110! Deposit $500, we give you $550! And deposit $1000, and you get $1100. It’s a great way to save and speed up your checkout process!*

You must be logged into your account to make a deposit. Deposits are secure and encrypted.

You must have equal or greater funds in your wallet than your order total in order to apply wallet funds to an order. If your order total is greater than your funds available, you’ll need to deposit more $ in the wallet to be greater than your order total. This requirement keeps your wallet in use and is to avoid people taking advantage of the significant bonus added to wallet deposits.

Save $5