What is

“Aspect Ratio”?

The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height.

When we enlarge your image for printing, we must size up both the width and the height proportionally, otherwise your image could get stretched or squeezed.

But I need a certain size!

Conflicts often occur when you need your poster to be a certain size to fit in a frame or other specific area. But keep in mind that means that your starting image must be designed at that size or size proportionally to fit. Remember, just because you need a certain size now doesn’t mean that the photo or image you are starting with automatically sizes properly to that size.

So what can we do?

If you’re unable to provide a starting file that sizes properly to the print size you are requesting, our Order Wizard allows you to crop the image to fit. You can use our online crop tool to see what part of the image needs to be cropped off to fit. Usually only a small amount of the image on one of the sides needs to be cropped off and then the image will fit within the area that you requested.

Sizing Your Image

Images are sized up proportionally, so if the aspect ratio is not the same as your desired size, the image will need to be cropped, or else it won’t fit.

Aspect Ratio Check

Our Quality Tool can check your image and tell you the size that it can be printed.

For answers to other common questions about file quality and handy size tables, check out our File Preparation FAQ here.

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