The Latest Technology in Canvas Printing: Higher Resolution for Your Photos

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 08/24/2021

Almost any file or photo can be turned into decor for your home or business by having a custom size canvas print made. And the effect it produces differs significantly from your standard poster print. This is because professional canvas printing turns your images into museum-quality works of art. Canvas prints from Poster Print Shop are made using the most technologically advanced media, ink, and printing techniques. Different effects can be done, such as giving your image a gloss or matte finish and creating a canvas panoramic print of your landscapes and urban cityscapes. Your custom size canvas print is then shipped to you rolled for unlimited options in how and what you stretch it over. 

No matter what poster size you choose, Poster Print Shop is affordable and fast. We offer same-day printing and shipping for all orders received by noon Pacific time (3 pm Eastern) and various expedited shipping methods (FedEx Priority and Standard Overnight, 2nd Day, and 3 Day Express). You can have your canvas delivered the next day if you choose.

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Choosing any other place but Poster Print Shop for professional canvas printing is a gamble. Many of our clients have had bad experiences elsewhere before finding us. At other print shops, it’s common to receive poor-quality canvas prints that are either the wrong size or have dull colors and resolution. We work fast without compromising quality. This article will explain some of our methods and technology and why canvas printing will change the way you think about decorating!

The Highest Resolution Possible

Getting an image printed in the correct poster canvas size with good resolution is a notorious problem. Many people try to take the cheapest route and do it themselves and end up with stretched, shrunk, or pixelated images. When they try to do it by a business online, the picture often becomes dull. Investing in Poster Print Shop is the best option because we invest in the latest technology.

We print in the highest resolution possible with 12-color Vivera pigment-based inks that give your incredible print vibrancy. Your print quality is suitable for hanging in a fine art gallery. 

Unmatched Brilliance

Vivera is one one the newest members of the HP ink families. It is amazingly adaptable in various applications and configurations, including black and white photos or colors. 12-color Vivera ink offers an immense depth to your images on canvas and has a permanence that can last for several generations without fading. The variety and quality mean a canvas panoramic print will feature true-to-life colors, and artificial images look as good as the day they were painted long into the future. 

The brilliancy and permanence of 12-Color Viver ink add to the high resolution for many styles of custom size canvas prints. Poster Print Shop gives you the option of a dull matte finish with a non-reflective surface and bright white point or a satin collector canvas. 

Dull Matte Finish

You should choose a dull matte finish if you want to bring out the rich textures of your file image or photo. A flat matte finish will give your canvas a low shine. It also inhibits fingerprints from showing on the surface. The colors of a canvas with a dull matte finish will be slightly less vibrant, but the special ink we use will still allow them to look rich and beautiful. It is the best finish for complex colors and darker colors. This option is the best if you plan on putting your canvas behind glass, as there will be no glare. 

Satin Collector Canvas

The satin finish provides a different effect to make a canvas look more like an original painting. It is also an excellent choice for a canvas panoramic print or any image with bright colors. A satin finish helps bring out these colors with sharper clarity and accuracy. The satin finish adds a beautiful sheen without giving off the high glare seen with glossy finishes. 

Elastic Polymers For Strength And Flexibility

Another innovative feature of our canvas service is the added strength and flexibility for gallery wrapping and stretching without cracking. Any poster canvas size you have printed will be enhanced with elastic polymers. Elastic polymers are used in many industries because of their ability to stretch repeatedly without breaking. Many things utilize this material, from gloves in the food industry to heart valves used in surgery. 

We ship all prints no matter the poster canvas size rolled. This gives you the option of how you want to stretch or wrap it. Some of the most common ways are as follows.

Gallery wrapping uses stretcher bars and strainer bars to pull the canvas tight over a wood frame and secure it to the back. Staples or tacks are used to secure the edges. The thickness of the bars hides the hardware used to secure the canvas.

Non-gallery wrapping uses the same design as gallery-wrapped canvases, but the frames are much thinner. This leads to the hardware used in securing the canvas being more visible. However, non-gallery wrapped canvases are meant to be framed, and the frame will hide the staples or tacks.

Features of both gallery and non-gallery wrapped canvases include:

  • A tight stretch, whether by hand or a machine: Every canvas must be stretched adequately enough to eliminate bumps and ridges forming in the material. Any loose material will catch the light in awkward ways and make your canvas less professional-looking. The canvas must be pulled over stretcher bars by hand or machine. Hand stretching is often employed because there is significantly less risk of tearing or damaging the canvas. There are some companies and art institutions that specialize in machine stretching. When done correctly, it can eliminate more of the waves that form in front and around the edges of a canvas. The elastic polymers we use with our canvas prints have the extra strength and flexibility to be stretched using the proper techniques.
  • Staples or tacks applied cleanly and neatly: Staples and nails are used to hold the canvas to the frame. They are involved in the rear so that the image is displayed without obstruction. But just because staples or tacks will not be visible when you hang your canvas does not mean it doesn’t matter how they are applied. You should ensure they are cleanly inserted through the canvas and the wood and in neat rows. Skimping on this step will weaken the stretch of your canvas, and waves, bumps, and ridges are more likely to accumulate as time goes by. 
  • The canvas must be neatly folded at the corners of the frame: Neatly folded edges are essential for gallery-wrapped canvases. You can get away with more miniature, professional-looking folding when you put your canvas in a frame or behind glass, though it’s still recommended to do as good a job as possible. Some canvases have a folded white border, and others are continuations of the image. Each provides a different visual effect. You should consider all of this before you begin stretching and wrapping to know how yours will look once it’s hung. There are many techniques for folding the extra material of canvas once it is pulled. Choosing the right one depends on if you are gallery wrapping it or not and how you wish it to look when displayed. Folding it neatly and correctly for your applications is essential for ensuring no extra lumps or waves form on the sides and front of your canvas.
  • Stretch bars should be made of solid wood and be of good quality: You can think of the stretch bars behind your canvas as the foundation of a house. Without a good foundation, even the best-looking structure will fail. Cheap, flimsy wood is not strong enough to keep its form and rigidity after a canvass has been stretched tightly around it. Waves, ridges, and bumps will eventually appear once your foundation begins to give way. The environment where you plan to hang your canvas can also affect the wood stretcher bars. Humidity and pressure will have more of a detrimental effect on poor-quality wood than those that are strong and resist the elements. Save yourself extra time and effort by buying a solid wood frame meant for this application.

How A Custom Size Canvas Print Will Change The Way You Decorate

If you love to decorate, you probably spend a lot of time in shops and online looking for the perfect paintings and artwork to hang on your walls. You know that this is extremely time-consuming and expensive – especially if you have a lot of blank space on your walls to fill! If you love to decorate, it’s fun, sure, but wouldn’t it be more fun to skip the time it takes to search by creating your wall art based on images you’ve created or love? Professional canvas printing from Poster Print Shop allows you to finally unleash your imagination and have exactly what you want, in the size you want, when you want it. 

Almost any existing image or photo can be turned into a canvas. And you have huge options for the poster canvas size when you order from Poster Print Shop. If you are an art lover and desire paintings from some master whose works sell for millions of dollars, you can have a replica made on canvas that looks and feels like a museum-quality piece. You don’t have to search endlessly for a photographer who can create portraits of you and your loved ones in the correct size. Special events and times spent with your family that were only captured with a cellphone can also be brought to life and hung on your walls. The possibilities are endless!

Canvas Panoramic Print

A popular option that makes for gorgeous wall decor is canvas panoramic prints. These are typically wide-view panoramic shots captured on a camera or cell phone. They are then formatted to fit the poster canvas size of your choice. With the high-quality inks and techniques Poster Print Shop uses, you will have a vibrant, beautiful canvas made that looks as good (if not better) as the original. You can also find many preexisting images of stunning locations online and have those printed on canvas. 

Tips For Decorating With Custom Canvas Prints

Bigger is better – art and photos on canvas look amazing. You will want to bring out all of their vibrancy and rich details by ordering them in sizes that will fill up wall space. 

More is more – It’s hard to overdo it with canvas, especially if you have a large, bare wall to fill. If you have several ideas for files and photos you want to be printed on canvas, it’s OK to order them in smaller sizes as long as you put several in the same area. This gives the eyes more to look at and produces an excellent visual effect.

Print images and photos in colors to compliment the room – With the latest technology in inks and printers, Poster Print Shop can reproduce files and pictures in various colors. The vibrancy will stand out, but you should get the most out of the effect by printing colors that fit well into your space.

Poster Print Shop

The best technology and service come together to make Poster Print Shop the best place to have custom size canvas prints created. We also have affordable rates and fast delivery – have your canvas by tomorrow if you choose! Discover the beauty you can bring to your home with our canvas printing services at Poster Print Shop.

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