Clear Transparent Prints are Unique with Special Uses

Erica Gabriel

Publication date: 09/21/2021

Posterprintshop is the best online source for all poster printing needs. Only the best quality inks and media are employed to give you the best results you’ll find anywhere. We also specialize in BIG poster prints – as big as you can imagine – with no minimum orders, and with overnight poster printing, you can get them as soon as tomorrow! Your poster is printed with the latest technology for outstanding image quality using 8-color Vivera pigment inks that resist fading. Online poster printing from the Poster Print Shop is fast, easy, and affordable!

There are a wide variety of services we offer. Our transparency printing service is posters made to be see-through – both the ink and the film it’s printed on are transparent. Any digital file or photography you send can be printed with our transparency printing service. We can print your poster up to five feet wide and unlimited length. 

Transparency photography and transparency paper screen printing techniques are used to create attention-grabbing visual effects. There are many reasons to choose our transparency printing service, especially if you’re marketing and are trying to raise brand awareness. 

What is a Transparency?

Transparency prints eliminate the opacity of images and image layers in digital photography. Opacity means something is not transparent. The clear transparency film we use in our transparency printing service is an excellent choice for transparency photography because it is clear, and the ink used in the printer has no white. All images will be transparent without a solid or opaque surface on the film and with no white ink. 

Transparency photography is often used in advertising to show images and text. Transparent text can be placed over images. With no opacity in the text, the image is not covered. A typical application has a brand’s name over an image of the product sold by the brand. This creates a juxtaposition or contrast between colors that are more visually appealing to audiences.

Transparency Paper Screen Printing

Posters can also be made using silk screen separations for high-quality, visually appealing prints. Our clear transparency film is a six mil film of polyester sheeting utilizing clear gloss and non-static backing. It allows for exceptional color brilliance and sharp image definition. For silk screen separations and transparent films that require extra stability and heat resistance, this is the #1 choice on the market. Contact us with any questions about transparency paper screen printing your image on a poster.

Benefits Of Transparency Printing For Your Business

There are many benefits to choosing our transparency printing service for your business posters, banners, or other advertising media. One of the most obvious is that transparent signs can be used to advertise products or services on a storefront window without eliminating light from coming in. Lighting is crucial to the aesthetics of a restaurant, and windows are a way to cut down on energy consumption and costs. But windows limit your valuable advertising space when using opaque banners and posters to advertise deals or new menu items. Transparency printing is a win-win.


Added security ties into the benefit of being able to see through your print. Creating blindspots is not recommended for any business. Criminals can take advantage of them and target you or your customers. Don’t worry about obstructing your views in or out of the building when choosing transparency film and printing for signs and banners on windows.


Our Clear Transparency Film is also a more robust option than other budget-friendly media. Clear Transparency Film is an excellent option for being attached to windows or structures outside under weather elements as it will hold up better than other poster materials. This will save you money in the long run and extend the lifespan of your prints. 


Transparency printing delivers a sleek and professional look. The ink used and the Clear Transparency Film’s quality add to the finished result. It’s a clean and polished aesthetic that puts the right impression in your audience’s mind.

Also For Home Decor, Parties, Events, And More

Marketing and building brand awareness aren’t the only reasons to love transparency printing. Posters and banners created in this method look great in many settings. 

Framing a transparent poster behind glass adds a beautiful aesthetic to your home. Our clients use it for home and office decor. The result is professional-looking artwork that only costs $10 per square foot to create. Gain inspiration from other customers’ applications here.

You can turn any file or photo of a special person, place, or time in your life into a poster with transparency printing. Our overnight poster printing service allows you to receive it a day later.

A transparent poster makes a great gift idea for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Benefits Of Choosing The Poster Print Shop For Transparency Printing Services

  • We take your file or photo and perform overnight poster printing. There is no long wait time for receiving your posters because we start on projects immediately.
  • Print on our clear transparency film in a range of sizes to bring your vision to life.
  • We use the latest technology for long-lasting high, resolution prints. Your transparent print will look great and last.
  • Everything looks better and bigger, and we are the ‘bigger’ experts!
  • We can print and ship almost anything on the same day – get your clear transparency tomorrow!

We offer same-day printing and shipping of all orders received by noon Pacific time (3 pm Eastern) and various expedited shipping methods. You can receive your prints tomorrow if you choose.

Our transparency printing service shouldn’t be overlooked as an excellent option for brand marketing or even decor, events, etc. You can get your prints back fast and at affordable prices when choosing

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